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Welcome to LandscapePainting.com, the internet home of ETRUSCAN PLACES. 

Since 1995 we have offered students of all levels of artistic experience specialized Landscape Painting Workshops in Italy, the birthplace of outdoor or "plein air" painting. Course locations put you among the most beautiful scenery in Tuscany near Buonconvento in the province of Siena and at historic sites of early open air painting in the Roman Campagna.  Select Courses for more details.  



Etruscan Places is now offering courses in the United States!  Since 2013, Etruscan Places has offered a Salt Marsh Workshop in Ipswich, MA. See Calendar for 2015 schedule.  Be the first to sign up! Click here for more information.  You can get our Ipswich registration form here.

2015 Calendar is available now!

Art Students League classes for 2015!

Introduction to Plein Air Painting: a weekend workshop...

New York Art Students League May 9 - 10, 2015


Elements of Landscape:

New York Art Students League May 11 - 15, 2015

More info coming soon.



Article by Maddine Insalaco, Streamlined, in Fall Issue of American Artist Plein Air Painting.




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For a rewarding and memorable experience we invite you to join our team of dedicated landscape artists in Italy or in the United States.  Take a few moments to explore our site or contact us directly for all information describing our various landscape painting courses.  Fees are based in US Dollars.


"What induces you, oh man, to depart from your home in town, to leave parents and friends, and go to the country-side over mountains and valleys, if it is not the beauty of the world of nature which, on considering, you can only enjoy through the sense of sight; and as the poet in this also wants to compete with the painter, why do you not take the poet's descriptions of such landscapes and stay at home without exposing yourself to the excessive heat of the sun?  Would that not be more expedient and less fatiguing, since you could stay in a cool place without moving about and exposing yourself to illness?  But your soul could not enjoy the pleasures that come to it through the eyes, the windows of its habitation, it could not receive the reflections of bright places, it could not see the many flowers which with their various colours compose harmonies for the eye, nor all the other things which may present themselves to the eye."   Leonardo da Vinci, The 'Paragone